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 About Us

Hardyhaus is managed by professional breeder with many years of experience in breeding German Shepherds. Hardyhaus has strategic international collaboration with former z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennels in Europe.

Our work is focused on breeding the traditional type of German Shepherd with the objective to produce progeny with versatile utilization and high degree of trainability. Our aim is to have dark pigmented healthy and strong progeny.

To accomplish these goals we use proven ways of breeding and the basic method is to carry out breeding selection of German Shepherds with required features and traits such as strong bones, solid nerves, dark pigmentation and also strong hunt, prey and defense drives.

Over the years, Hardyhaus has built a strong reputation and a proven track record of breeding and supplying quality working German Shepherds.

Hardyhaus gives you the possibility to buy dogs with working abilities in various stages of age and training with wide variety of working pedigrees for use in family and property protection.

We provide health guarantee for all the puppies and adult dogs purchased from us.

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