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Hardyhaus Bloodlines

 Hardyhaus Bloodlines

Dogs are being bred under the registered kennel name of Hardyhaus. The bloodlines were obtained from various sources within Europe that includes German and former East German dogs, and also from old Czech working dogs' bloodlines.

The breeding program in collaboration with strategic partners within Europe focused mainly on strengthening the good power of bones, dark pigmentation, strong nerves and willingness to work in tracking, obedience and defense work.

Breeding Facilities

At Hardyhaus, we only breed to improve and/or maintain the world class standards in quality, genetics, anatomy, conformation, disposition and health of our German shepherd puppy.

A German shepherd is a working dog. He should have the drive to be able to perform these tasks. He likes challenges and thrives on working and carrying out his duties. He is confident and proud, enjoys making you proud of his abilities. You should never take this admired, affirmative drive out of your breeding program. It is the German shepherd dogs trademark.

Once we have successfully mastered the traits of the breeding pair and found them to be suitable, we then carefully plan the breeding process for the purpose of improving the finer qualities of the breed and to compliment the dogs over-all genetic value.

Other key factors:

  • Health, Hips and/or Elbows clear or (certified)
  • Temperament (sound and clear in head)
  • Conformation (Show Quality, including show standard in size)
  • Color pigmentation (deep black and rich red pigment)
  • Intelligent, fast learners
  • Eager to please their owners and family, including children
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